Monday, May 14, 2007


the adjacent photograph was taken when i was in goa recently. i wonder whether life could ever be more beautiful than this.

afternoon's had been important in my life. the debate (if there is not one, lets start one): which is the best part of the day. lot of people tell me it is the morning and for many it is evening or night. but for me it had always been an afternoon. we should be enjoying the smaller things in life -someone told me and now i realise how happy i was when it is afternoon.
going back to child hood, i still cheirsh the bucolic afternoons . it meant tea time, crunchy snacks , deliciuos summer fruit: the excitement never stopped. it is neighbourhood gossip for womenfolk (we are talking of times when women stayed back at home or never bothered to work ): the excitement never stopped. small nap after a sumptous lunch is joyful. afternoon's meant waking up to this realization. afternoon meant getting on to field for children; freeing them to innocent exuberance- a game at the neighbourhood or a joyous wonder .
afternoon at school remind me of an escape . clock strikes 4 and it is time for the day. it is bye-bye and the walk back home. the journey offered wayside quarrel, scenic explore or the day's chitter - chatter: the excitement never stopped.
it means the same now after so many years. escape the office, the rumbling keyboards, the ringing phone, the urgent work, the morning presentation; escape the slavery.
have i lost it to my childhood; have i lost it to simpler times; have i lost it to simpler lives or have my eyes stopped seeing them??