Friday, October 26, 2007


The morning mist, the early chirp
The first light, the thick air,
It smells you. It’s you?
Happiness, joy, exuberance and the pang
All together, I dream it, I dream you
It’s those or you, both the same.
I wait for you.

Spring, summer, rain, winter
It’s spring again. I wait for you.
The moist feel, silky locks, warm breath
The childish grin, the innocent touch
The continuous chatter, jibber-jabber
Him, her and them
All important, the concerned you
The stare, the look, the occasional flirt
Where are you?
Happiness, joy, the exuberance and the pang
All together, I dream it, I dream you
It’s those or you, both the same.
I wait for you.

Froze in the time, they are lost to past
Happiness, joy, the exuberance and the pang
It’s a new morning, a new day, a new spring
I wait for you

Thursday, October 25, 2007

DPIAD & me

01st January 2006: my first day in gulf rather UAE to be precise. It's every mallu's (pun unintended) dream to come to the gulf. It seems it is the birth right of everyone from mallu land. You have so many from Kerala here in UAE, that the state telecom provider has instructions in Arabic, English, Hindi and Malayalam!

The Emarat welcomed me through the ever cheerful Mohammed Ali. First things first; he confiscated my passport. Euphemistically he suggested "the company procedure guides that passport is to be submitted to the administration department". I thought at the back of my mind, "Slavery begins".

I had never wanted to come to the Gulf. Neither did Sai. But both of us eventually landed up here. I will talk about Sai some where else or some time later.

I plan a lot. I'm a planner by profession. I thought gulf would be strategic move in my career. Time would eventually tell. But even after two years later in November 2007, it's too early to tell anything. The bottom line is still to be drawn.

One year passed and in February 2007 I went on my annual vacation. For the first time in my life as a professional, I could go home peacefully for a month. The attractive part of the employment was the full month long vacation. It seemed I'm in a saner world where people and their life are valuable. You do get 'reflective' looking back on the time in India. Is it the figure of 1.2 billion or the ever pervasive culture in construction industry that people are not respected? I firmly believe that the industry will have to change it's outlook to attract people to work for it.

The first year here in Emarat was interesting. There were lots of new discoveries. I was never in the thick of construction action, since I was based in Abu Dhabi. Everything happens in Dubai. The job was going smooth. But all the while, I was looking for more wholesome experience from life. The limit of going to work in the morning and coming back in the evening and again going back in the morning had to be broken. It is certainly not that I did not want to go for work the next day. But at the end of the day, there had to be some thing more rewarding. It never seemed to get materialized in Abu Dhabi. As they say "birds with the same feather flock together". There were no other birds. Sachin was there for some time: he was transferred to a forsaken work site in Dubai and things never got the same since then. Vinod was there for a brief period as well. He left for India for his own good. I'm yet to find out whether good or bad happened.

After coming back from vacation I discovered that orkut could be accessed on the Etisalat server. It is important because it could be accessed if your internet connection was running on servers provided by other ISP. There are of course the usual 'cracks' and 'bypass' available. (I was not aware of these till recently). This was fun and brought in new hope. I could get in touch with my friends; long lost ones and recently made ones. The platform was incredible. Scrap was innovative. And being in touch had a new meaning. You scrap on some one's wall and you are in contact. The era of social networking sites had finally arrived.

Well to speak of I wasn't networking socially after all. There was no social life, so to speak of in Abu Dhabi. It was the usual, digging out your college mate's, class mates and the rest of them from numerous groups; everyone always seemed busy. Is it that they genuinely did not have time or maybe you are no longer important in their scheme of things? Hmmmmmm….. I guess the latter is true or let this be proved wrong. I desperately tried to make new friends in Abu Dhabi with no success. There was this occasional girl here or a common interest guy there, but the flavor was you don’t talk to strangers. Then why do we call them social networking site. Earlier it was chatting through IM and later the matrimonial sites, now it is the social networking sites where bad guys rule the roost, constantly on the prowl (I of course, need not to tell you what they are searching). The world is no longer safe as we advance day by day so to speak. But I was neither successful in making friends nor enjoying my time on these pages. The promise remained unfulfilled. Well sex does sell; so do love. And both seem elusive, considering the large number of these sites having popped up on the internet garden. Is it that people get greedy as they get more of it or is it that people are not getting any of it?

Then one fine day while searching Orkut, I stumbled upon DPIAD – Desi Partying in Abu Dhabi. Does it have cultural connotation or is just accidental? Are we trying to say that people from India cannot be party the same say like some one from West or is it that our cultural upbringing does not allow experience the anything in a similar way? Well has it got to do with the musical preference that Indians have or the other group does not have. Nonetheless, I joined in search of fun and life. I got it at DPIAD. I met some amazing guys and girls and its forever growing.

(The rest to follow)

Saturday, October 20, 2007


25th May 2008; an interesting day for IC (international city). We have an express bus service to the heart of dubai. A big relief for me. Well my decision of picking up a house on rent at IC was tough. I had more nay sayers than any support. Its isolated, there is this smell, you dont have a license to drive a vehicle. the list was endless. It had been tough.

With conviction, I believe problems can be overcome. Well it does atleast prove that. The bus does take a lot of time to reach. But its fine. At 20 times lesser cost than a cab, the cost-time trade off is worth it. With traffics in dubai, probably there wouldnt be difference between both the cab and bus.

I believe a bus service would make IC more attractive as well. The other day Raj and myself were talking about the same. He had suggested that a possible solution to the vacant houses is a bus service.

And we have one now. Lets see how does this improves the place!!!!!!!!!!