Monday, January 7, 2008


i saw a thousand heaven, a thousand in her eyes
they came searching, searching with a sweet smile
beautiful; beautiful as morning in spring.
crinkled with pleasure, inquisitive, warm;
an assurance they had
alleys of fear; in the labrynth of life
i ran, ran alone
through that wilderness
faces so strange; with apathy too,
they made themselves more so strange.

the eyes searched, kept calling, searched with an assurance.
i masked, masked with unawareness.
i evaded.
easy though, those were compelling.
compelled, i ran .
separated by distance.
distance of fear,
fear of losing.


winds blowed past,
seemingly unaware of my presence.
they danced, danced to the joy of change
changing time, changing season; they gave me good company
My thoughts danced with joy to the tune of blowing winds
they blowed with an assurance, assurance of change
it seems to be perservant, change, change and only change
monotony has blunt; blunt my imagery
my whole self
a portfolio of contradictions, waywardness,dilemma, surreal
they prop up, diluting yourselves
beacons flashed at a distance, may i seek
maybe or is it a delusion


may i seek, seek what ?
a vagabound, stayed nowhere
stayed to nothing
restless, wandered aimlessly
explored new worlds
realized new worlds
bonding and unbonding
made me an apathy
an eternal healer that time is
wounds never stayed for long
came with the sunrise
a fresh whiff of hope
fresh as new bloomed flower
fresh as a dew drop
i seek, i seek hope