Monday, January 7, 2008


winds blowed past,
seemingly unaware of my presence.
they danced, danced to the joy of change
changing time, changing season; they gave me good company
My thoughts danced with joy to the tune of blowing winds
they blowed with an assurance, assurance of change
it seems to be perservant, change, change and only change
monotony has blunt; blunt my imagery
my whole self
a portfolio of contradictions, waywardness,dilemma, surreal
they prop up, diluting yourselves
beacons flashed at a distance, may i seek
maybe or is it a delusion

1 comment:

edasseri said...

waywardness in life. about change thats happening or required to happen. my apprehensions and joy about change.
i hope this is understood.
please do critically review and leave ur suggestions