Monday, January 7, 2008


i saw a thousand heaven, a thousand in her eyes
they came searching, searching with a sweet smile
beautiful; beautiful as morning in spring.
crinkled with pleasure, inquisitive, warm;
an assurance they had
alleys of fear; in the labrynth of life
i ran, ran alone
through that wilderness
faces so strange; with apathy too,
they made themselves more so strange.

the eyes searched, kept calling, searched with an assurance.
i masked, masked with unawareness.
i evaded.
easy though, those were compelling.
compelled, i ran .
separated by distance.
distance of fear,
fear of losing.


edasseri said...

about an old fling. about what was going on in my mind and around me....... :)

Core said...

which fling?

I wouldn't run away!
I would stand there and savour the pain of heartbreak or the anger!
There would be moments of uneasiness when you come across her again. But we humans are ever adaptible.
So, Dont run away like a coward. let her eyes feast on you like a vulture!
And cry the tears of having taken the wrong turn!

Cheers mate!


Shruti said...

man...u r a poet!!!!!!!! :)

good one. keep it up!

Core said...

Aeey Bhai,

zara apun ka blog ka naya post ko zara check kar lo. real life incident ...when i heard it i was sort of shocked..but imagine ourselves in the guy's place??

SRK said...

good one bhai... mera naam roshan karega :D