Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It's been a year and a half since DPIAD started. There was this anniversary get together and many more during the last six months.

Although i participate lesser in the events because of geographical and time constraints, I do watch the episodes unfolding. Why am'i ever interested in writing about this at all? Well for one it brought some thing exciting to my dull life in abu dhabi and other is that i'm keen about it from a social point of view. How groups are formed? What is their dynamics? How sustainable are they? Although i'm not doing a scientific study, I would like to bring out my observations in a discernable fashion. It has been interesting. New faces have come in and old faces have moved out. But majority of them stayed back. Well for one the group in its thought and outlook would never have been able to attract glamour, but it seems to be sustainable. One of the questions that often raise in my mind is that does this social circles need to be sustainable at all. There are similar groups which are sustainable like the India Cultural Assosciation, but are they this close in terms of interaction, camaraderie, bonding et all.....

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