Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the indomitable fan !!!!!

Summer reminds of the fans. It’s 4 years since I moved in to UAE and the same time since I said good bye to fans.

A fan is a device which employs hub-mounted rotating paddles to circulate air in order to produce a cooling or destratification effect; so says wikipedia about a fan. It also tells me that fan was invented in 19th century in USA, say around 1870. In India we have been using our own ingenious ways of relieving us from heat (I sure want to list them), long before motorized fans invaded our living and bed rooms. We talk of air conditioning nowadays and not about destratification or cooling by circulation.

I’m fascinated by fan now, more so since I bought a fan myself. It’s after our central aircon fan gave away from cooling the house for the fabulous Arabian summer! We couldn’t survive one night without any sort of air circulation! We debated, argued and confused ourselves with the decision and finally bought a table fan.

Off late fan has become obsolete and I could not find any variety at the store since no one buys them any more. I was doubtful about it’s utility initially, but nonetheless bought it. I’m amazed at the relief that ‘directional air’ gives us in summer