Monday, June 15, 2009

Donations, offerings and our apathy

The recent offering to Lord Venkateswara by one minister from Karanataka had created news and there is resentment against this act of faith in the blogging world. As I discover spirituality myself and the importance of places of worship for a living society, I'm saddened by this one act of selfishness/devotion. I'm certainly not campaigning against donations/offerings to places of worship or our acts of faith; but the above said offering is financially too huge to be accepted.
For the perspective on the hugeness of the amount involved, look at the following calculation from which it is evident that the money is sufficient enough to feed 1000 people for their lifetime.

A 420,000,000 total amount
B 420,000,000 / 20 = 21,000,000 total meals that could be bought @ 20 rs. per day
C 21,000,000 / 1000 = 21,000 total days assuming 1000 people
D 60 * 395 = 21, 900 number of days in a persons life span

This amount can build 10 kilometers of 4 laned highway and similarly numerous other things. I remember my college days when our dean advised us to be
agents of change. I appreciate that statement more now than at any other time in the past. If we are in a position and have the ability to effect change for the good, we should give it a shot. Mr. Minister with 42 crores was one such agent and it is a lost opportunity now.

I do appreciate that this is a sensitive subject. I personally donate/offer during my visits to places of worship and it gives me immense satisfaction as well. We should always distinguish between being responsible or being excessive. We can of course endlessly debate on the exact line that differentiates responsibility and excessiveness. Are we not matured enough to get into such a debate? We can clearly see it.


Roshan said...

I am a christian by birth and some what by belief. In christianaity , just like in the zakat tradition of islam, one has to give 10/5 of his/her earnings to charity. That doesnt mean to thr church alone.

So, i follow the principle and give my 10% to the needy directly.

but what the minister has done is utter extravagant and blatant show of wealth.

In my town, richie riches do build buildingds for the temples/chruches/waqf boards.
why? they want to be remembered for their charity...hehehe.
but this minster will be remembered for his extravaganza..only be ridculed in the later years.

SRK said...

was so shocked to read this extravaganza by a minister who should be showing his benevolence to the millions of people who voted for him to bring in the progress and the change that we need in this country... i have deep belief in god almighty but like every religion preaches i too strongly beleive that service to mankind is the true service t god.